Who We Are?

Our story

We are Adam, Angila and Kids!

We are thrilled to take on the adventure of opening The Oxford Drive In for our community.

Born and raised in Woodstock, Adam grew up going to the Oxford Drive-In …..

A ways down the road Angila grew up in St.Thomas but distinctly remembers Grease being the first movie she saw in her pajamas at a drive in. 

We encourage each other to take leaps of faith – being entrepreneurs – you have to. Adam owns a local Accounting Firm and Angila owns a local marketing agency. Together they call Woodstock home and have six kids between them – most of who will be working this summer with us!

Our commitment to our community is to provide a safe, fun and relaxing experience for you and your family.

The History

In the spring of 1950, on May 5th, the Oxford Drive-In Theatre Opened. The first movie played was “Life with Father” starring William Powell, Irene Dunne, Elizabeth Taylor.

Over the years the Drive-In was owned by several families. In 1975 the wooden screen blew over in the winter and a new screen was erected.

The Drive-In Closed in 2015 and is now being revived during a pandemic – when people are eagerly awaiting a way to get out of the house and gather safely.

One of the theatre’s longest-running operators is Al MacKay and his family. He has worked at the drive-in since he was 14! He is now helping Adam and Angila with all the details and giving them sound advice – you will see him there this summer – he is on board again to “See the Stars Under the Stars!”

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