2021 Season Pass

Only valid for June 11 2021- December 31, 2021


Out of stock

How it Works

  1. Purchase Season Pass.
  2. We email you a coupon code that only YOU can use. You meaning… you are in the vehicle with anyone at all…but you are the owner of the code…yes your teenager can have the car and you don’t need to be there but you bought the ticket and used it within your household…in other words please don’t give your code to the neighbours…or staff…or anyone…you can buy one for them as a gift and they will love you.
  3. Any and every time you want to see a movie go online and order for that day – and use your unique code to order.
  4. You can bring any vehicle you want-we monitor by email and ticket at the gate not your car or van.
  5. You can also just come to drive in and give us coupon code or email there.
  6. You are not guaranteed a spot at any movie. First come first served.

You can only use this for public movie nights ( we have some dates blocked off for events)

You can not use this for concerts, events, anything but movies 🙂

Email us or message /// call with any questions


*** your email may not come automatically – we need to create a code…so don’t worry if you don’t see it right away****


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