Rules & Etiquette

Rules 2021

COVID – 19 Ontario Government Regulations


  • Tickets – All ticket sales will be online or at gate. Your online ticket will guarantee your entrance, but not a specific parking spot.
  • Each car will be given 2 metres  of parking space on each side of vehicle. You will park at a parking wooden stake in the ground.
  • Facilities: We have public portable health approved washroom facilities. We have an accessible portable washrooms as well.
  • Concession: Our concession is OPEN – cash or card to pay. Come to Food Truck and order then we deliver to your car.
  • We are dog friendly and FYI we are neighbours with a dog kennel and if that triggers your dog to bark consider leaving your dog at home.
  • Please remain in your vehicle area and use a proper mask when travelling to the food truck or the washrooms.
  • Smoking – please smoke outside your vehicle and away from others – there is lots of room out here.

Please follow directions given by our team at all times, and be kind and patient with one another. We’re all working through this together.

Parking Large trucks-vans-SUV’s or any other vehicle that obstructs the view of the screen must park past the second gravel road.

 Management reserves the right to designate the parking location of vehicles.

  • Cars with daytime running lights usually can be turned off by applying the emergency brake. If they cannot be turned off, please bring with you, blankets, cardboard, duct tape etc… to cover the lights.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Please use 1 parking spot per vehicle.
  • NO REFUNDS on admission. Passes will be given out for power failures only.

Management reserves the right to adopt or change any rule and any time, with or without notice, to best serve our customers safety as well as our best business practice. Please help keep the spirit of the drive-in alive by spreading the good word: tell your friends and neighbours! Nothing can be more enjoyable than spending quality time on a warm summer evening, with that special someone watching movies under the stars.

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