Want to be a Movie Star??

The Oxford Drive-In is offering sponsorship opportunities for brands/businesses who want to see their name in lights!

We know sponsors are the heart of a community. 

We put together many opportunities at many different price points so businesses of all sizes can use the excitement people are having about the drive in to benefit your business as well. Win Win.

Measuring the reach of your sponsorship …

We have been monitoring our analytics since we started and the current reach and engagement for Facebook and Instagram is:

Post reach is averaging 89k and 59k engagement on Facebook and Instagram is getting on average 500 reach per post)

This will grow and this is just organic reach/engagement – we will be doing paid ads to reach outside our page and Instagram as well.

As well we will have website statistics once it it is up and running – this is where a lot of people will be going to see the next week’s movie, order tickets and see concession menu.

For screen and fence ads  – we can hold up to 250 vehicles ( for now ) so that is the possibility of 500 people per night – assuming at least 2 people per vehicle.

Screen Ads (seasonal sponsor) $1,000

(limited number available)

Your logo or ad seen before movies every night for entire season

Approximate reach – 250 cars a night for 4 months

Sponsor a Movie Night $500

  • Announcement at the Drive-In over the speakers

  • Social Media Posts ( 3 posts two days ahead of the sponsored night on Facebook and IG)

  • One Paid Social Media Ad to target people not on our social media ( we will create a paid Facebook ad for Facebook and Instagram)

  • 2 Movie Passes – can be used for giveaway or for self.

Facebook Live and Contest at the Drive In - $250 (ONE NIGHT)

Facebook and Instagram Live before the Friday Night Movie or Saturday Night Movie
We will draw for a free vehicle pass at the drive in – announcing the winner at intermission – gifted by your business brand – and it will go on social media as a saved live and we will post the next day who the winner was with a link to your business.

Movie Passes Giveaway Contest on our Facebook Page - $100

1 vehicle pass and 2 combos and social media posts with links to your page or website

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